Protective Phoropter Breath Shield 3mm thick


  • 3mm clear acrylic plastic 
  • Useful for Ophthalmology and Optometry
  • Suits most popular models & makes of phoropters
  • Breath shielding for both the tester and the patient 
  • Allows free operation
  • Australian designed and manufactured 

*Prices are inclusive of GST for sale within Australia*


Designed to suit most phoropter styles

Helps create a transparent physical shield between the patient and the doctor

No interference with the functioning of the equipment or hindering interaction

It covers the gap between the two sides of the phoropter without obstructing the oculars or interfering with the controls.

A rigid 33 millimeter wide acrylic composition allows for easy installation and removal.

Easily cleanable with most disinfectants or with warm water and soap, to sanitize between patients.

This breath shield will protect you and will last for years!