Reusable Protective Form-Fitting Face Mask (Size Extra Large : For Adults)


  • Size Extra Large : For Adults
  • Dimensions : 25 cm (w) x 20 cm (h)
  • Non-surgical / non-medical grade mask
  • Unique multiple filtration technology
  • 7 to 12 ply composite protective system
  • Bacterial filtration
  • Protection from droplets & fluids
  • Organic Cotton
  • Eco-friendly & biodegradable
  • Reusable upto 25 timesĀ 

*Prices are inclusive of GST for sale within Australia*


Choice of colour in products such as face masks: We will try and deliver the colour closest to what is specified as on offer from the manufacturer, however we cannot guarantee that any particular colour will be available for selection. Colours are offered as assortment only not as specific selection attribute. Face masks are offered in an assortment of colours only.